Are you looking to buy an engagement ring for yourself or for you partner, but are unsure of what ring setting and style options are available? Our guide to the engagement ring settings and styles will provide you with the knowledge you need when buying this special piece! Take a look at our stunning collection of diamond engagement rings at Allure Jewellers for some inspiration, or feel free to get in touch with us, and visit us in Hatton Garden, and we will be happy to chat about your engagement rings settings and styles options. 

What are Ring Settings and Styles?

The setting of a diamond engagement ring refers to how the gemstones are delicately combined with the ring's metal band. This is usually done by mounting the stones onto the ring, or by setting the stones into the metal. There are many different types of settings; all of which contribute to an engagement ring's overall style, appearance, desirability and durability. The most popular settings and styles that are used within diamond engagement rings are solitaire, multi-stone, halo and diamond set.

The ring style and setting combines to define how the stones and metals used are presented. So finding the right setting and style of a ring is one of the most important elements to consider when buying an engagement ring. Therefore, we would encourage anyone to try a variety of our selection of diamond engagement rings at Allure Jewellers before coming to a decision, this way, you will be able to see which ring settings and styles complement your hand the most. Feel free to browse our collection of beautiful, classic engagement rings, visit us in store to see your options in person, or get in touch with a member of our team with any questions that you may have.

If you are looking for a ring for your partner, or are looking to browse engagement rings online, then our Interactive Diamond Hand Tool is the perfect way to visualise what it will look like on! You will have the opportunity to see our diamond engagement rings in a variety of settings, styles and diamond carats, which will help you to find your desired piece. Find our Interactive Diamond Hand Tool here

Another aspect of engagement ring buying to consider is the shape of your diamond, as this will impact your ring setting and style choice. Learn more about the different diamond shapes that we offer at Allure Jewellers here.

Which engagement ring style should I choose?

Engagement ring styles vary hugely, so it is important to find a style that complements your own taste and personality, especially as you will be wearing it every day! Some are simple and elegant, displaying timeless beauty, whilst others may be more extravagant and decorative. As an example, think about a brilliant round solitaire diamond engagement ring, and a princess diamond halo engagement ring. Both of these rings are equally as beautiful, but differ greatly in style, and therefore, who they may appeal to.

Ultimately, your engagement ring setting and style choice should come down to your own, personal favourite! By choosing something that is timeless in design, as well as your own unique style, you can be certain that your engagement ring will stay classic and special forever, never going out of fashion. 


Solitaire engagement rings Allure Jewellers


Solitaire Settings

Classic and timeless in appearance, the most common engagement ring setting is solitaire. In most styles, it consists of a 4-6 claws that tightly grip a singular diamond, holding it in place. The general rule is, the higher the number of claws that an engagement ring features, the more secure the diamond is. Solitaire settings also elevate their diamond, making it the prominent centre piece of the ring. As well as this, they also enable a significant amount of light to pass through the diamond, adding to its shine and brilliance. Discover solitaire engagement rings at Allure Jewellers. 

Solitaire settings also compliment a variety of diamond shapes and sizes, which is perfect for those looking for a simple, but unique style, whilst still maintaining the desired classic and timeless look. The clean and sophisticated engineering of the solitaire setting ensures that the chosen diamond shines to its fullest capacity.

Another popular solitaire setting is a contemporary rubover ring, also known as bezel set. Within this style of engagement ring, the diamond is encircled entirely by a metal band, making it one of the most secure and durable settings. This is ideal for those with active lifestyles, as you will not have to be constantly worrying about damaging the engagement ring. Shop contemporary rubover engagement rings at Allure Jewellers.


Multi stone ring settings at Allure Jewellers


Multi-stone settings 

A multi-stone setting simply refers to a ring that is set with more than one stone. This engagement ring setting maximises the brilliance and sparkle of the overall piece, as well as adding more complexity and glamour to its overall appearance. The most popular multi-stone rings tend to be trilogy, halo and cluster styles.

A trilogy diamond engagement ring, also known as a three-stone, is perfect for those looking for a deeply meaningful ring. This is as each stone represents a couple’s past, present and future. Choosing this setting gives you the opportunity to explore your personal style and creativity. The stones in this ring style can be varied in size, type and shape, which will make your engagement ring truly unique and personal. Browse trilogy diamond engagement rings at Allure Jewellers. 

Cluster settings consist of stones tightly grouped together, creating the illusion of one large diamond. There are many variations surrounding the style of this setting. Some rings contain a large centre diamond with small diamonds surrounding it, whereas others only consist of many similar sized stones. Cluster engagement ring styles enable the ring to be crafted into distinct shapes that are far less limited than the shapes possible from a singular diamond. As well as this, they offer a unique look, allowing dimension and texture to be displayed within the piece. 


Halo ring settings at Allure Jewellers


Halo settings

A diamond halo engagement ring comprises of a centre stone encircled by a halo of smaller diamonds. It ensures maximum brilliance and shine as the halo stones are delicately placed to reflect light into the centre stone. The halo style is the perfect way to turn a modest stone into a seemingly larger diamond ring, as the setting adds to the width of the stone, boosting the appearance of an initially small diamond. The ability to significantly enhance a centre stone is one of the key attractions of a halo style ring, as it offers brilliant cost effectiveness by removing the need for such a large centre diamond! Browse diamond halo engagement rings online at Allure Jewellers.

The stones creating the halo around the diamond may vary in size, colour and cut. Therefore, increasing the visual impact of the centre stone. An increasingly popular and modern take on a halo setting is to add a halo of coloured gemstones, or by using a different metal colour to make for a contrast in colours. Discover more about the different precious metals that we use within our engagement rings and jewellery at Allure Jewellers here


Wedding bands and eternity rings at Allure Jewellers


Wedding bands and eternity rings

Although they come after engagement rings, it is also important to consider your preferred style of eternity and wedding band, as this can affect your style of engagement ring! To find out more about how to choose en engagement ring, then feel free to read our guide to buying an engagement ring.

Eternity bands are often given as a gift on special occasions such as Wedding Anniversaries, Birthday’s, and Valentines Day. They get their stature from the ‘eternal presence’ of diamonds that decorate the band of the ring, representing the endless love between a couple. They securely hold the diamonds in place and tend to be most available in claw, channel, pave and bezel settings. The sparkle that encircles the entire finger adds personality to a simple band. The most common place for an eternity ring to sit is on-top of an engagement ring, or a wedding band. However, it is simply a question of personal choice and comfort!

As we all know, wedding bands are rings exchanged during a wedding ceremony and symbolise matrimony, as well as being the physical representation of a married couple's love and lifelong commitment. The beauty of a plain wedding band lies within its purity and refined elegance. Their timeless class and simplicity means that they shine on their own, even without the presence of diamonds. Wedding bands are typically available in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Browse wedding bands and eternity rings at Allure Jewellers, or visit our Hatton Garden Showroom to view them in person. 

Engagement rings at Allure Jewellers

Here at Allure Jewellers, we have a beautiful selection of diamond engagement rings in many different settings and styles. Browse the collection online or feel free to visit us in our Hatton Garden Showroom, where a member of our team will be happy to guide you through your engagement ring options!