Over time, it is inevitable that your jewellery will be exposed to moisturisers, perfumes, dirt and any other components that could take away it’s former shine. Your once shiny, sparkling piece may begin to appear dull, tarnished and dirty. Most jewellery can be simply cleaned at home, but to be cleaned properly and to avoid damage, a delicate item will require specialist cleaning  We recommend having your jewellery cleaned every 6-12 months to restore your precious pieces to their former eminence. Our cleaning involves ultrasonic treatment followed by steam cleaning before polishing.

Having your jewellery polished produces a high luster, and enhances its appearance significantly. We use specialist cleaning tools and techniques to polish different metals and stones to restore and refurbish your jewellery. The process of polishing removes small amounts of the metal’s surface, resulting in a smooth finish that is then ready for buffing, leaving you with a flawlessly polished piece of jewellery.