Jewellery refurbishment can fall under two different categories: having your jewellery remodelled, or having your jewellery restored.

Jewellery Re-Modelling

When remodelling your jewellery, we use your old jewellery to make something new, or we can use your piece to recreate an old piece of jewellery to bring it back to life. We understand the importance of sentimental value when remodelling your jewellery, and will work closely with our customers to fulfill their desires. In some cases, you may no longer wish to wear a piece of jewellery in its existing form, but may want a more modern and wearable piece. We use the essence of the original pieces as inspiration for something new, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the end product.

Jewellery Restoration

Jewellery restoration is when a piece is restored from a poor state to its original condition. It will take place when you have an old piece of jewellery that you would like to be returned to its original appearance. This may include cleaning, polishing, replacing lost stones, re-cutting chipped diamonds and gemstones, repairing broken and worn prongs, thickening bezel walls, and much more.