Your ring should fit you snugly and comfortably. It should slide onto your finger without issue, but there should also be some resistance when you try to take it off. This is because if there is no resistance, then is it clear that the ring is too large and as a result of this, may fall off. On the other hand, the ring should not be too tight, as if your hand swells, then it could cut off your circulation. 

Whether you desire for your ring to be larger or smaller, we will do the perfect, seamless resize. Ring resizing is very common, and can be done on most types of rings. The reasons for needing this service vary. For example, some people need their ring resized due to weight loss or weight gain, when the band becomes too loose or too tight. For some, it may be because they want to wear the ring on a different finger, and for others, it could be because an engagement ring was bought as a surprise and needs a sizing adjustment.

Did you know? 

When taking off your ring, it is easier to relax your ringer, rather than to poise it in an unnatural manner and try to force it off of your finger. Yes, if you are struggling to remove your ring, it is a natural instinct to panic. However, if you just relax your finger with a slight curve or bend, it will be much easier to remove the ring.