What is a diamond solitaire? 

A diamond solitaire refers to a single diamond. ‘Solitaire’ is a very popular term when it comes to jewellery, meaning that a diamond or gemstone is set in a piece by itself. As an idea, picture a pair of simple stud earrings, as they will always be a classic example of a solitaire setting as there is only one stone involved within the design.

The most popular way to wear a solitaire setting is as an engagement ring, on the ring finger of the left hand, featuring a diamond or an alternative stone. As one of the most sought after engagement ring styles, next to halo and trilogy, the solitaire setting is renowned worldwide for its timelessness, versatility, and elegance -  truly a beautiful choice for such a special occasion! 

Solitaire jewellery has a variety of design features and settings available, as you will learn throughout this article. No matter which you choose, you can never go wrong with classic solitaire jewellery!

The history of solitaire rings 

Solitaire rings are so classic that they have been around since rings first came about. Being the only style of ring that existed in the jewellery market for a long time, solitaire rings, especially as diamond engagement rings, cemented their place in the world of jewellery right from the offset, and have stood the test of time. It was only once the diamond industry began to develop further that new engagement ring styles began to emerge: halo, featuring a diamond surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds, trilogy, or three stone, and shoulder set/diamond band styles becoming increasingly popular. This being said, though, the simplicity and sparkle of a solitaire engagement ring has stayed loved by many, and will continue to do so for eternity.  

What is the most popular diamond solitaire shape?  

The most classic and popular diamond solitaire engagement rings feature a round brilliant cut diamond. However, more recently, many buyers have opted for the other unique diamond shapes that are available. The good thing about a solitaire style ring, is that it matches perfectly with a variety of diamond shapes, due to its simplicity and versatility. Some of the most used diamond shapes within solitaire diamond rings are oval cut, princess cut, emerald cut and more recently, for an antique look, a marquise cut. There are many other beautiful diamond shapes to choose from, which you can learn about by reading our guide to diamond shapes!

If you feel as if you need some more personal guidance as to which diamond cut is the perfect choice for your engagement ring, then please feel free to get in touch with a member of our team, or alternatively, visit us in our Hatton Garden Showroom. We will be happy to guide you through your diamond shape options!


Diamond engagement rings

Pictured above is our oval solitaire diamond engagement ring, marquise solitaire diamond engagement ring and brilliant round diamond engagement ring. Browse our collection at Allure Jewellers today! 

What are the solitaire ring settings? 

The most commonly used settings within solitaire jewellery are 4 claw, 6 claw, rubover or bezel set, tension set and twist setting. Claw, also known as prong settings, are the most popular when it comes to diamond solitaire engagement rings. They consist of delicate metal arms that are angled around the centre stone, holding it in place. Whether it is a 4 claw, 6 claw or a compass point, a claw setting allows the maximum amount of light to move through the diamond from all directions, displaying breathtaking fire and elegance. 

Also referred to as a rubover settings, a bezel set ring features a stone surrounded by a metal rim that is enclosed to hold the centre stone in place. The bezel setting provides a high-quality protection to the diamond, as well as being easy to maintain. It also offers a more modern take on engagement ring styles. 

A solitaire tension setting uses compression to secure the diamond, giving the impression from the appearance of the ring that the diamond is elegantly floating. Pressure is applied by two pieces of metal that are set to surround and squeeze the centre gemstone. The twist and swirl is another example of a tension setting, working in the same manner. 

Choosing the ring setting that is right for you is a big step when it comes to buying engagement rings, but another vital point to consider is your ring size! Learn more about how to find your ring size here

What makes the solitaire engagement ring so popular?

A solitaire diamond is the centre of attention

Diamond solitaire engagement rings are perfect for featuring a stunning centre stone. One of the first things that people ask once they hear that someone is engaged is, ‘Can I see the ring?’. Well, with a solitaire ring, all eyes will immediately focus on your one and only diamond! Therefore, more attention will be drawn to your centre stone, meaning that your ring will stand out from the crowd. With little to no details and zero additional stones, a solitaire setting ring means that your stone can shine in all of its glory, whilst still maintaining a subtle, classy and timeless look. 

Due to the natural simplicity of a solitaire engagement ring, they are exceptionally versatile when it comes to wedding ring pairing. This is because almost every style of wedding band will match perfectly with a solitaire ring, without taking the spotlight off of the diamond. These types of rings will also beautifully complement your existing jewellery, as well as your wedding day look. Browse our collection of wedding rings at Allure Jewellers. 

Solitaire engagement rings sparkle on their own!

Although the sparkle and wow-factor of a diamond ultimately comes down to the 4C’s (a diamond’s cut, clarity, colour and carat), graded against GIA criteria, the setting does have a significant impact on the sparkle of the stone. Due to the lack of detail around the centre stone in a solitaire ring setting, more light can reach the diamond, creating an unmatched, elegant sparkle.

Solitaire diamond engagement rings are a cost effective option.

One of the main advantages of choosing a solitaire engagement ring is that they are considerably more cost effective than the other ring settings and styles. For example, the price difference between a halo diamond ring and a solitaire diamond ring results from the fact that there is no additional cost associated with side stones or accents like there is with a halo ring. 

Although you are only paying for one diamond with a solitaire setting, it is important to remember, though, that the price will vary greatly depending on the size and quality of the diamond that you decide on. Discover more about diamond grading and the 4C’s, and how this will affect the price of your diamond here.

Another factor that will impact the cost effectiveness of a diamond solitaire engagement ring is the metal used within the band. The precious metals, and those most commonly used as engagement ring bands are rose gold, white gold, yellow gold and platinum. Find out more about the precious metals and which one is right for you by clicking here.

Rings in a solitaire setting are easier to care for.

As solitaire engagement rings will only have one stone, they are much easier to take care of than the other, more complicated and intricate ring settings and styles. To illustrate, as there are fewer details surrounding the centre stone, there are fewer places for dirt and discolouration to creep into. Whereas with more complicated settings, there are more crevices that will need considerably more effort to clean. This means that solitaire rings are by far one of the easiest styles to keep looking their best with the least amount of effort from the wearer. 

We recommend having precious jewellery professionally cleaned every 6-12 months to keep it in the best condition possible. Professional cleaning and polishing services significantly enhance the appearance of a piece of jewellery, keeping your pieces looking their best for years to come. Here at Allure Jewellers, we offer an expert jewellery cleaning and polishing service. Discover more today! In the meantime, though, there are many ways that you can safely clean your jewellery at home, such as with mild soap and warm water. Find out more about jewellery cleaning and care at Allure Jewellers. 

Diamond solitaire engagement rings display timeless style.

The solitaire engagement ring will always make an elegant statement, and has been widely popular for decades. Therefore, if having a trendy, fashionable engagement ring is important to you, then a solitaire will be the perfect option. Their impressive track record as the most popular engagement ring type shows that they will never go out of style, always retaining their striking jewellery even when trends and styles change in the future. 

Choosing an engagement ring that displays timeless elegance and class is vital when it comes to passing rings through family generations. The solitaire ring’s ability to transcend time with a classic style is impeccable, guaranteeing that each member of the family who inherits the ring will adore it just as much as the first wearer!


Solitaire engagement rings at Allure Jewellers


Solitaire Engagement Rings at Allure Jewellers 

Here at Allure Jewellers, we have a stunning selection of diamond solitaire engagement rings in a variety of settings and shapes. Browse our collection online, or feel free to visit us in person. However, if you feel as if the solitaire ring style is not for you, or perhaps you would like to explore your other engagement ring style options, then view our engagement ring collection. We hope that you can find what you are looking for!

Our bespoke jewellery service at Allure Jewellers also offers you the chance to design your own dream engagement ring. Find out more today!