What is the oval cut diamond?

If you love the fire and brilliance of a round diamond, but are looking for that extra, unique touch, then the oval cut is perfect for you! Oval diamonds are a symmetrical, elongated round shape, with modern curved edges and a stunning sparkle. Due to their elongated shape, oval cut stones appear larger than diamonds of a similar carat size, and typically cost less than the other diamond shapes, even though they may look more expensive. Oval cut diamonds are often said to be somewhere between the round brilliant and the marquise diamond, making for beautiful, distinctive and contemporary engagement rings. 

What is the history of the oval cut diamond?

Although diamonds have been cut into ovular shapes for centuries, the oval shape that we all know and love today wasn’t officially created until 1957 by Russian diamond cutter, Lazare Kaplan. Growing up in a family of expert jewellers, Lazare Kaplan became very renowned for his unmatched skills in cleaving, that is, transforming cracked or highly flawed diamonds into some of the most valued diamonds at the time. 

Before inventing the modern oval shape, Kaplan worked with diamonds that were so flawed, they were viewed as ‘worthless’ and ‘useless’. This allowed him to pioneer in combining the desirable faceting style and brilliance of the round cut diamond with stones that would have previously been regarded as ‘useless’. Lazare Kaplan soon created a modern revival of the popular round shape; an oval cut featuring 57-58 sparkling facets. Kaplan’s talent became recognised worldwide when he invented the oval cut, acquiring him a spot in the Jewellers International Hall of Fame.

Today, oval cut diamonds make for some of the most sought after, desirable and upscale designs in the engagement ring market. Produced in a variety of settings and styles, such as three stone, halo, solitaire, cluster and contemporary rubover, you have many choices of rings when it comes to the oval cut. Discover oval cut engagement rings at Allure Jewellers online, or feel free to visit us in our London Hatton Garden store. Book your engagement ring consultation today! 


Why should I buy an oval cut diamond engagement ring?

Oval shaped diamonds appear larger than their carat

One of the key advantages of oval cut diamonds is that they often appear larger than their carat, without an increase in price. Many believe that a diamond’s carat refers to its size, however, this is not the case. Instead, diamond carat is a weight measurement, but can still provide an excellent indication of how large the stone will be. Discover more about the Diamond 4C's here. For example, the higher a diamond’s weight, the more mass it will have, which will make it look larger. How a diamond looks varies greatly between the diamond shapes, depending on how this mass is distributed. 

When it comes to oval cut diamonds, a larger percentage of their mass is distributed at the top of the stone’s structure, which is why they appear larger than their carat weight. To illustrate, an oval cut diamond will appear 10% bigger than a brilliant round cut diamond of the same carat weight, meaning you will get much more of an impact without having to spend more on a higher carat weight. Therefore, oval diamonds are perfect for those looking for a show-stopping diamond engagement ring at a more affordable price.

Oval cut diamonds display brilliance and fire

The high brilliance of the oval cut ensures that the diamond has an incredible sparkle, which is something that every engagement ring buyer looks out for. As they feature a modified version of the round diamond’s impeccable faceting pattern, the oval diamond dazzles as part of an engagement ring. So if you are looking for a glamorous, sparkling diamond ring, then the oval cut is for you! 

Additionally, Lazare Kaplan created the oval cut to hide any flaws that a diamond may possess, such as dirt, inclusions and imperfections. This is because brilliant cut shapes are incredible at hiding a lower clarity grade, with their facets masking and disguising any unwanted inclusions. Not only does this increase the brilliance and fire within the stone, but it also allows for the choice of a lower clarity without compromising the diamond’s beauty, which will be very cost effective.

Oval shaped diamonds are unique, but timeless

Although many brides-to-be look for a unique, eye-catching engagement ring, it is important to find a style that is also timeless, and will never go out of fashion. Oval cut diamond engagement rings are a great example of a classic, sophisticated and timeless design combined with an eye-catching, elongated look that makes them stand out. Many well-known celebrities and leading trend setters have also worn oval diamond engagement rings including Blake Lively, Selma Hayek, Heidi Klum, and Katie Holmes

Oval cut diamonds have an elongating effect

Fancy gemstone shapes, such as oval diamonds, marquise diamonds, pear diamonds, radiant diamonds and emerald diamonds have an elongating effect on your fingers, creating the illusion of a longer, slimmer hand. Therefore, the oval cut diamond is perfect for those who may have smaller hands. If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring that will have this beautiful effect on your hand, then you may also want to consider opting for a larger diamond. Fortunately, with the oval shape, you can find some beautiful, bigger-sized diamonds for a great price. 


What are the considerations of oval cut diamonds?

The bow-tie effect 

When shopping for an oval cut engagement ring, it is important to choose a diamond that avoids the bow-tie effect, which occurs when the light doesn’t bounce into the middle of the diamond because of the way it is cut. This tends to appear as a visible darkness in the shape of a bow-tie in the middle of the diamond. Although this is present in the oval cut stone, not all bow-tie’s are strongly visible, and many agree that this is part of the diamond’s beauty. 

Here at Allure Jewellers, all of our oval shaped diamonds are hand-inspected and assessed against specific criteria to ensure the utmost quality, and to make sure that no stone features a bow-tie that has a negative impact on the appearance of the stone. Browse oval shaped diamond engagement rings at Allure Jewellers today. Alternatively, feel free to book an appointment to discover your diamond options in-person. 


The Allure Pick - Oval Cut Diamonds


Oval cut engagement rings diamond at Allure Jewellers

Oval Cut 4 Claw Solitaire Diamond Ring


Discover the Oval Cut 4 Claw Solitaire Diamond Ring at Allure Jewellers. The solitaire setting of this stunning ring elevates the oval diamond, making it the prominent centre piece, which also enables light to pass through the stone, adding to its shine and brilliance. As solitaire engagement ring settings compliment a variety of diamond shapes and sizes, they are perfect for those looking for a simple, unique style, whilst still maintaining the desired classic and timeless look. Shop this solitaire oval diamond ring here, or browse all solitaire engagement rings online at Allure Jewellers today.

 Halo diamond engagement rings at Allure Jewellers

Oval Cut Diamond Ring in a Micro Set Halo Design


Shop the Oval Cut Diamond Ring in a Micro Set Halo Design at Allure Jewellers. This diamond halo engagement ring comprises an oval centre stone encircled by a halo of smaller diamonds, ensuring maximum brilliance and shine. Halo settings are the perfect way to turn a modest stone into a seemingly larger diamond ring, as the settings add to the width of the stone, boosting the appearance of an initially small diamond. This offers brilliant cost effectiveness by removing the need for such a large centre diamond, which is great for those looking for optimum sparkle on a budget. Discover this halo oval engagement ring here, or shop all halo diamond rings at Allure Jewellers today. 

 Three stone oval diamond engagement rings at Allure Jewellers

Three Stone Oval and Pear Cut Diamond Trilogy Ring


Browse the Three Stone Oval and Pear Cut Diamond Trilogy Ring at Allure Jewellers. The three stone, or trilogy, engagement ring settings maximises the brilliance and sparkle of this piece, as well as adding more complexity and glamour to its overall appearance. Three stone engagement rings are also a fantastic way to explore your personal style and creativity, as you have the opportunity to incorporate stones of different sizes and shapes. Find out more about the different diamond shapes here. The combination of pear shaped diamonds and oval shaped diamonds in this engagement ring allows for a truly unique and personal touch. Shop this three stone oval and pear engagement ring, or discover all trilogy diamond rings at Allure Jewellers today. 


Here at Allure Jewellers, we are renowned for our collection of diamond engagement rings in a variety of settings and styles including solitaire, halo, trilogy, claw set, contemporary rubover, and diamond band. To learn more about the engagement ring settings and styles, discover our guide


Oval Diamond Engagement Rings at Allure Jewellers 

Here at Allure Jewellers, all of our jewellery features only the highest quality diamonds, all of which are GIA certified so that you can shop with confidence. Browse all of our oval diamond engagement rings at Allure, or feel free to book an appointment to visit us in store. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, remember that all of our pieces are customisable, and that you can create your own unique engagement ring with our bespoke jewellery service. Begin your bespoke journey with Allure Jewellers!

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