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Many couples choose to visit the infamous Hatton Garden district in London when shopping for jewellery and especially engagement rings. It's a memorable way to browse and explore jewellery options while taking in the heritage, tradition, choice and excellence that Hatton Garden is renowned for. At Allure Jewellers we are delighted to be one of the most respected jewellers among discerning fine jewellery and engagement ring clients. Our modern, light and spacious showroom sets us apart together with our commitment to outstanding customer service. We are delighted by the reviews you award us! 

As a family-run business based in Greville Street in the heart of Hatton Garden, we invite you to visit us in-store. Many years working with fine jewellery and diamond engagement rings make for a wide range of stunning designs, many of which can be customised to suit your preferences and budget. Our experts will guide you through options to help you find your perfect ring or jewellery pieces. We take pride in the high Hatton Garden standard of jewellery design and skilled craftsmanship that make us who we are.

Our newly refurbished showroom has been designed with you in mind - relaxed, comfortable and luxe. Enjoy a diamond engagement ring consultation in the privacy of one of our luxury rooms, and browse our collection of fine jewellery and watches first-hand. We look forward to taking you through the full Allure Jewellers experience in our Hatton Garden showroom. Take a virtual look around and discover where to find us here

About Hatton Garden

Hatton Garden is a small, yet fascinating area located in the heart of London. Rich in history, Hatton Garden has become synonymous with the diamond, gemstone and jewellery trade, as well as playing an important role in the development of the city of London. When buying jewellery from this incredible district, you are guaranteed to be buying a piece full of history and meaning. 

The expert craftsmanship and incredible knowledge of those who own workshops, jewellery stores, and businesses in this area of London draw people from all over the world. Hatton Garden is renowned as one of the most prestigious and sought after destinations for buying luxury watches, fine jewellery, engagement rings, wedding rings, bespoke jewellery, and precious stones, amongst other jewellery pieces. 

What is the history of Hatton Garden? 

The name ‘Hatton Garden’ was derived from Sir Christopher Hatton, who was a famous English Lord Chancellor and Politician in the 16th century, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Sir Christopher Hatton was also a wealthy landowner, and held a large estate in the area, which was known as Ely Place. Over time, the area around Ely Palace became known as Hatton Garden.

In the 16th and 17th centuries, Hatton Garden was widely known to be a fashionable residential area, and was extremely popular amongst wealthy merchants and nobility. Many grand townhouses began to be built in this part of the city, some of which still survive to this day. By the 18th century, Hatton Garden had become increasingly industrialised, with world-renowned workshops and factories being established. During the 1800s, Hatton Garden emerged as the centre of London’s diamond trade. This was, in part, due to the opening of the Hatton Garden Railway Station in 1862, which made it much easier for goods to be transported in and out of the area. Many diamond merchants and jewellery businesses set up their shops in Hatton Garden, attracted to its popular location and proximity to other companies in the city of London. 

In years to come, Hatton Garden continued to grow and thrive as a centre for the London diamond, gemstone and jewellery trade. It very quickly became home to a large number of diamond merchants, jewellery makers, and gem cutters, who supplied the finest jewellery and gems to customers around the world.

Hatton Garden Today 

In recent years, Hatton Garden has undergone a few changes, with many of its historic buildings being converted into luxury apartments and offices. However, it still remains a hub for diamond jewellers.

Notoriously, in 2015 Hatton Garden made headlines around the world when a group of thieves carried out a huge robbery at a vault in the area. The gang stole almost £200 million worth of diamonds and jewellery, in what became known as the ‘Hatton Garden Heist’, the ‘largest burglary in English legal history’. Another story to add to the rich history of this London jewellery quarter! It's beautiful architecture, fascinating history, and vibrant business community make it a must-see destination for anyone interested in London’s cultural and economic heritage. Allure Jewellers are proud to be a part of Hatton Garden.


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What jewellery can I buy in Allure Jewellers Hatton Garden store?

Whether you are an experienced jewellery and watch collector, or a first-time buyer, Allure Jewellers are ready to help, With a wide range of jewellery options and expert jewellers, it is the perfect place to discover something truly special. We invite you to make an appointment or drop in to visit us.

Diamond Jewellery and Engagement Rings

For centuries, diamonds have been a particular speciality in Hatton Garden, with our personal network of gemstone dealers and cutters offering a great selection of high-quality stones. Whether you are looking for a classic brilliant round cut diamond, oval cut diamond, or something more unusual, such as marquise and pear shaped stones, we have plenty of choice on offer.

Allure Jewellers are renowned for having a beautiful, unique, and elegant collection of diamond engagement rings both online, and in our Hatton Garden London showroom. Our selection features various settings including halo, trilogy, solitaire, claw set, contemporary rub over engagement rings, and many beautiful diamond shapes including brilliant round, emerald, princess, oval, cushion, pear, marquise and others. If you would like to learn more about the diamond engagement ring settings & styles and diamond shape options before visiting, our online guides and collections are sure to provide some initial inspiration. And then our team will be on hand to help bring your wishes or ideas to life.

Fine Jewellery 

As well as our sparkling array of engagement rings, our Hatton Garden jewellery store showcases a fine selection of diamond and gemstone necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Emerald, ruby and sapphire jewellery all features strongly alongside our diamond pieces in our window display, coloured stones are trending in 2023! With both classic and contemporary styles available, our jewellery offers something to suit all tastes.

Wedding Rings

Allure jewellers have extensive collections of gents and ladies wedding bandsDiamond wedding rings are particularly popular this year with our range offering different styles to coordinate with your engagement ring. Our plain classic wedding bands are available in your choice of profile, width and metal including 9ct and 18ct white, yellow and rose gold as well as platinum.

Bespoke Jewellery

If you are looking for personalised, unique, and bespoke jewellery pieces, then  Allure Jewellers can design and create one-of-a-kind pieces that are tailor-made to your specifications. You may want a special, individual engagement ring, a pair of earrings that perfectly match your style, or a remodelled family heirloom that tells your story. Our Hatton Garden expert jewellers will work with you visualise your piece before creating your dream piece, often within just a few weeks. Learn more about our bespoke jewellery service at Allure Jewellers, and feel free to get in touch with a member of our team - we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Pre-owned Watches

For those in search of luxury watches, we buy and sell a range of world-leading watch brands, including Rolex, Cartier, and Omega. Visit us to discover our watch collection in-store, or get in touch with us today to enquire about what we offer. 



Hatton Garden diamond engagement rings Allure Jewellers

As working jewellers we also offer a jewellery and watch repair service with a fully equipped modern workshop on site in our basement. Whether it be ring re-resizing, professional cleaning or a full service, our goldsmiths and watchmakers are ready to advise. 

Our friendly team look forward to welcoming you to our world of jewellery and sharing our love for our Hatton Garden home with you during your next visit. See you soon!